beats by dre cheap

Visions of light

Drop everything he said
Sit with me and contemplate
Another night that goes by bleak
Dark and dim like a vision of deep
Hell where we shall probably end up

Drop everything she said
Let's make love without any
Love left in our tortured souls
We're just fucking to be purged
No tremor in our scarred hearts

Drop everything you said
I'll give you children and we
Shall grow old and semi-happy
We'll build a house and buy a car
And live like all the men and women

Drop everything it said
Look at me I'm just noise
Trapped inside your skull
Release me I'll release you
Promises are for the foolish

Drop everything I said
All the past and the future
Faces from the wallet and
Mirrors are broken and gone
Into the mist of great unknown

14/12/2016 20:48